2023 Trends

Hello 2023 and more opportunities to make your space truly unique! We’ve chatted with the color experts, read the blogs, and heard the inside scoop on what’s going to be hot this year – and now we’re sharing our favorites with you!

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Background Walls

Your Instagram will thank you! Take your space to the next level with a wall that’s both eye catching and modern. Whether you’re filming content for your next TikTok or having a virtual meeting with a potential client, this is a statement everyone will love! We love this trend as its a byproduct from the pandemic and the funky styles people incorporated into their space while they sheltered in place.

SW 0069
Rose Tan


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SW 7102
White Flour


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SW 6179


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SW 9695


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Lovely Lavenders

Let’s be honest, this color is everyone’s not-so-secret favorite. From gowns to gardens, lavender is making a statement in 2023. We’re anticipating seeing it in many a bedroom and comfy corner. It’s that perfect balance that will make any space look classic chic.

SW 6822


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SW 6823
Brave Purple


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SW 6836
Novel Lilac


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SW 6838
Vigorous Violet


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If you’re looking for something that has some longevity to it, look no further than a monochrome design! With a special appeal for bathrooms and kitchens, monochrome palettes are the perfect place for the minimal aesthetic. We recommend gold accents to give this trend a kick of confidence and luxury!

SW 6258
Tricorn Black


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SW 9154
Perle Noir


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SW 6276
Mystical Shade


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SW 6252
Ice Cube


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Soft/Calm Nature

Promote inner peace and positive vibes with this 2023 trend. Continuing in that realm of bringing the Outdoors-In, this trend is all about how things feel.  Neutral colors blend with muted tones and textures to give you a clean, tranquil environment. We’ll also be seeing a lot of different materials in these spaces, from wools and velvet to clays and cotton. 

SW 9087
Smoky Beige


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SW 9085
Touch of Sand


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SW 9507
Cream & Sugar


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SW 9117
Urban Jungle


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