Painting can be a pain! Doing it yourself is time consuming and messy, and finding a reliable contractor is nearly impossible. Now there’s Paint+! We have built our entire process around you. Quick and easy scheduling, attention to detail, and obsession with cleanliness are just some of the reasons we stand apart.

From Start to Finish

Start to Finish

Our team of reliable professionals take care of everything from start to finish. We carefully move and cover all of your furniture, take down wall decor, and cover every inch of your floors to protect your home and it’s contents. Then we vacuum, clean, and disinfect every surface before putting everything back in its place.


Paint + More

Oh, and that plus in our name means we do more than just paint! Paint+ offers a wide range of services that make us the one-stop-shop to conveniently and affordably refresh your entire home. From doorknobs to light fixtures and much more, we can make your home feel like new!

Click here to visit our Services+ page for a full list of what we offer and to see more about our process.

painting made painless