From picking the right paint color, to selecting light fixtures and more, we’ve got you covered. Our teams aren’t just masters of colors, but of design! We’re always looking to bring your inspirations to life (and supply you with a few when you’re drawing a blank). 

Check out these Complete Curations to see what’s currently trending.


Boho Bravery

Where you take the path less traveled and go with what feels right. Boho vibes don’t have hard and fast rules. It’s all about that deconstructed carefree feeling brought on by layers, texture and jewel tones and natural elements. Let’s be honest, it’ll make any room your new favorite space.

SW 7703
Earthen Jug
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SW 9006
Rojo Dust


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SW 9109
Natural Linen
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Hit Mute

Sometimes life is just too loud. Mute it! It’s nothing too dramatic, but it has an understated appeal that you’ll be glad you implemented.  Soft edges and unsaturated colors help bring this space into a modern efficiency you’re sure to find soothing. We’re definitely going for the opposite of overstimulated with this configuration.

SW 6238


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SW 0062
Studio Mauve


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SW 6039
Poised Taupe


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SW 7069
Iron Ore


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The Perfect Download

Whether you’re downloading a file for work, or downloading with the family about the day’s activities over dinner, this curation is all things cool, calm and collected. You really can’t go wrong with this timeless neutral. Add sharp pops of color to embolden your space, or keep it calm with cool blue hues.  

SW 6909
Lemon Twist
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SW 6224
Mountain Air
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SW 6227
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SW 6230


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2.21_Acacai HazeCOTM_ColorCard

It's Organic

Reconnect with the Earth in the most basic sense. Balance your space with greens, neutrals, and watery blues to help bring out that hit of clean, crispy oxygen your brain is dying for.

SW 9132
Acacia Haze
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SW 6478


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SW 6476


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SW 6385
Dover White
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Color of the Month

We're tipping our cap to classic Americana with our Color of the Month. Beetroot is giving all the sun-drenched patriotic inspiration your farmhouse could ask for. This color is so incredibly versatile it goes amazing with any neutral you could hope to pair it with and contrasts exceptionally well with greens and blues. 

Try the color out in your own space; click here to get a virtual preview. 


SW 9695

Moscow Midnight
SW 9142

SW 6431

Sherwin-Williams' 2024
Color of the Year

Looking for a delicious but low-key color to add to your walls? Upward is giving us some serious blueberry milk vibes and we’re all about it. This cool color has soft gray undertones that make it perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, or wherever your relaxation space may be. Try it in your space today. You can thank us later. 

Pairs well with

SW 7004

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SW 9166
Drift of Mist

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SW 7605
Gale Force

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SW 6258
Tricorn Black

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SW 6428
Honey Dew

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SW 7735
Palm Leaf

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SW 0045

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