From picking the right paint color, to selecting light fixtures and more, we’ve got you covered. Our teams aren’t just masters of colors, but of design! We’re always looking to bring your inspirations to life (and supply you with a few when you’re drawing a blank). 

Check out these Complete Curations to see what’s currently trending.


Outdoors - In

After being cooped up for nearly two years, there’s a heavy push to blur the line between what is and isn’t within your four walls. Visually connect with nature through textures, natural lighting, and deep tones you only get when you step off the pavement.

SW 7103


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SW 6075
Garret Gray


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SW 6179


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SW 6244


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Art Nouveau Goals

This is a style for those edging into the modern perspective. Elegantly dominate your space with natural materials, ashy colors, and soft rounded lines with floral suggestions of peach and gold. We use it to enlarge rooms and give it the suggestion of sunrise. 

SW 0027
Aristocrat Peach


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SW 7558
Medici Ivory


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SW 6324
Mellow Coral


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SW 9094
Playa Arenosa


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The 70's Are Calling

We all love a good flashback, and this 2022 trend is exactly that. Say hello to teak, sage and mustard colors with mid-century staples such as peg leg cabinets, wood accents and mix-matched texture. This design is definitely for the bold. 

SW 6902
Decisive Yellow


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SW 6193
Privilege Green


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SW 6249
Storm Cloud


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SW 6615


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No Stress Nest

Pink and blue are so over done. Nude nurseries are where it’s at! Understated in the best way possible, this curated color palette and finishes give you all the solace and structure you didn’t know you needed in your baby’s space. The best part? This design easily carries over as their interests change; simply update the wall hanging to change the vibe.

SW 6336
Nearly Peach


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SW 7713
Tawny Tan


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SW 7012


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SW 6057
Malted Milk


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Sherwin-Williams' 2022
Color of the Year

Sherwin-Williams’ 2022 Color of the Year, Evergreen Fog has a versatility we love. It easily translates with many of our Complete Curations and is truly a breath of fresh air!  See it in your space.

SW 9130
Evergreen Fog


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SW 6368
Bakelite Gold

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SW 9107
Über Umber


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SW 7042
Shoji White


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